Welcome to Doggy Dips Canine Hydrotherapy Centre

Doggy DIps is now closed

Unfortunately, as of the end of October 2020, Doggy Dips is permanently closed. We have tried to provide a service following COVID shutdown, but with  self-imposed restrictions on access to the premises for dogs with less clinical need and no consulting income from the owner, salaries exceeded income and with other expenses, these losses were unsustainable. I had hoped that we could drop staff down to owner and one staff member when a member of staff announced they were leaving, but this was rejected. 


If you are looking for canine hydrotherapy, I would recommend that you find a NARCH or CHA registered centre - Woozlebears at Didcot being a professional person that we trained with (https://woozelbears.com/branches/didcot/).

Prior to closing, we were about to make an exciting announcement about a hook up with Butternut Box, who make excellent quality frozen dog food, with a high percentage meat and excellent fat an protein digestibility scores. Simply take the pack out of the freezer the night before an allow to defrost. Pour a little warm water over the food before serving to add moisture and release the aroma. Our dogs love it! 

Please contact Adrian@DoggyDips.co.uk for a special 75% off your first box and 25% of your second box or use the code www.butternutbox.com/DoggyDips25 for just the 25% discount (HINT: if you don't ask for a specific % in your code, it may be more profitable!)

For more product information, visit the promotions page